How to know the best dating app for the region you’re in

If you're about to go on some trip or other and use the opportunity to hookup local women from where you want to go, you may consider downloading the best dating app available to you. The word 'best' here implies the quickest and most comfortable experience you can get by using an app.
It's important because the dating apps don't generally allow you to use them for free, charging sizeable sums of money for talking to people. The problem is, you want to squeeze the best results out of your app, and they don't always let you buy access for a couple of days or a week, it's often at least a month.
So, here are several pieces of advice to choose the best dating app for your own situation.

Going with the one you already have

If you already have a local app on your phone (an app designed for your own country), don't buy a new one right away. Of course, you need to consider other options. However, the app you already have (if you have it) may very well work.
Most apps, that you think are local and designed for your own nation only, are in fact trying to bring it out into the large market. Some succeed, some don't, but you can't see how well it's doing from your point of view. When you land in the place you wanted to visited, however, you can see if there's someone around who uses the same app as you do.
Remember that these apps show results based on your current location and not the location you've set up yourself (some can do both, interestingly enough).
The app, hence, is bound to show you if there is someone fortunate enough to have the same software installed. It won't work perfectly, however. Some developers genuinely don't try to draw their product into the larger marker, concentrating instead on their small niche. And some are just unsuccessful.

What to do then

It must not be your main and only plan, however. This option is just for those who don't want to pay a sizeable amount of money for a short vacation. If you check the app and don't see anyone worth noting around, switch to plan B.

Plan B

The more accurate ways to figure out the best dating app for your current location are more complex in general, that's why, for starters, you can stick to more inaccurate ways to see if the app suits you. What you need to do is basically see for yourself.
Download a few popular apps as you arrive, namely:
1. Tinder;
2. Badoo;
4. MeetMe
You can throw a few more on a pile if you like. The important thing is the size of the community. You can pretty much plug in a few global apps you took a liking to. If they have at least a few million users, it'll be fine. But if you want to do it properly, consider checking the above-mentioned four apps.

The 'checking'

The 'checking' progress is pretty straightforward, that's why it also has its flaws. Greedy as the developers may be, they at least allow you to see vaguely what you sign up for. You can swipe all you want — what you can't do, however, is contact the people you've found.
Just set the distance at a very low amount and swipe through the potential matches you've got. If you worry about losing the users you liked — don't. Most apps have a 'rewind' option, it allows you to come back to people you rejected accidentally or on purpose.

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At first glance, it will barely make any different — there will be a lot of people for you to meet regardless of the app you choose. However, since you pay for using an app, you may as well ensure that you'll be able to have the most comfortable experience if you want to.
It won't make a lot of difference if you set the distance of, say, 50 km in both cases, but if you wanted to narrow it down to 1-5 km (people closest to you), you'll see that it makes all the difference. And having potential dates even that closer will bring a lot of opportunities, as you may guess.
Once you've realized which app you like best, all things and features considered — go ahead and pay for it.

Using local apps

You might be wondering, why shouldn't you just download a local app you the best results. Well, you might, but there are several disadvantages as well as advantages to this approach.

The advantages, as follow:

+ You may actually get the best results since the app is designed for the particular country you want to go, including the special features of the market and the Internet culture of the place;
+ If you plan to visit a country regularly, buying several months worth of subscription will ensure you save some money (the more months you buy, the cheaper it gets, since you often don't update it every month, you but a package of some months instead);
+ The prices may be cheaper depending on the country you aim to visit. Eastern Europe, some parts of Asia and South America, for instance, charge lower for everything, including dating;

There are disadvantages, too:

- Most apps in the region may be too inclusive, meaning they not only support the niche of the specific region but supports it exclusively, not bothering to implement other languages;
- The app may not be as populous as you'd like it to be, especially if the country itself isn't too populous or if the Internet isn't as wide-spread there;
- It may also not be the best source of hookups for this particular country. Even with many apps dedicated to dating in the country, the inhabitants may still prefer international products. Tinder, for instance, is now no less than a cultural phenomenon, making it a very tempting app to buy even in the remotest corners of the Globe
Well, if you know a few local dating apps, go ahead and check them out, they may be a good bargain as well as comfortable products overall.

The more accurate ways to say

Of course, there are more or less accurate ways to say which app you should use on your trip.
Firstly, you'll need a VPN installed. If you don't have one or don't want to have one, then you may skip this method. You won't need to hide anything from anyone or do anything shameful. Most VPN-services allow you to change your current location as a way to see and download blocked content in your own country.
Changing your location to where you want to go on your trip will help you mainly in seeing what dating apps get recommended to users from that country. For Google Play, it works like this: tinker with your VPN an open Google Play, then go to the 'apps' page and proceed to 'categories'. There, you'll see a 'dating' category (or whatever it's called in your version of GP).
When you did, the Google Play will show to you the apps the people from the country you chose visit particularly often. Try a few of them, but be wary that some of them may be local or niche — check the number of downloads the app currently has.

The statistics

Strictly speaking, you can't see the statistical data for any app you want just like that. You may be able to find some data for the most popular of them if you're lucky, but it seems that you can only do access it freely using the special tools you likely don't possess.
But there is a somewhat accurate way to do it. All you'll have to do is proceed to a website called 'Google Trends'. It doesn't show how many times some apps were downloaded in one specific country. What is shows, however, is how many times people searched it in some time period of your choice.
It doesn't give accurate numbers, but it does show the relative popularity of two or more apps in relation to each other. Most searches result in downloading anyway, making it proportional at the very least.
Not only you can witness the relation of two apps in one country this way, but you'll also be able to see the regions where one app is more popular than others — through a subregion comparison (the right-most category on the front page).
Plug Google Trends in and see which of the four apps mentioned above is the most searched in say, the Indian state you want to visit. Again, the results may differ somewhat from an actual picture, but they shouldn't by much, unless, of course, one of these apps has a bad, albeit noisy reputation in the country or a province.

Manual method

Apart from all the other approach techniques, this one may require you to wait a bit and also to interact with other people. Namely, you'll have to visit a forum or a subpage on one of the social networks where people will be most lenient to answer the question: 'What dating app do you use'.
The subpage (a subreddit, for instance) will do better, since you have to find the website where it is ordinary to for foreigners to ask the locals such unordinary questions. Since Reddit is all about such unordinary questions, that's the place where you can start.
There is a lot of subreddits like 'r/askrussians' or 'r/askamericans', dedicated specifically for English-speaking foreigners who want to know more about the most bizarre aspects of some country or other. And, lucky you, most subreddits like these don't require you to have anything else apart from your account to post questions there.
As mentioned, it will take some time. If the subreddit or other page you chose isn't too populated, it will definitely be time-consuming (perhaps you'll have to spend a few days, so don't do it during the actual trip).
The results of such inquiry will be highly personal, of course. But there will also be a pattern. If you'll get 20 answers, and 15 of them will say 'MeetMe', you'll know it's MeetMe people from this part of the globe like best.

What's the best approach, in the end?

All of the above-mentioned options are alright, they will work for you. You obviously don't need to try every single one of them, it will prove both overkill and time-consuming. Pick one that suits your current situation better than others and go through with it.

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If it doesn't work, pick another one. The problem, however, is that none of them is perfectly accurate, hence there will always be a chance of disappointment — if not for the results you'll get, then for the discomfort you could avoid. You'll have to measure how much comfort the app will give you in proportion to the money you're giving it. Some apps give you useless features and, evidently, charge extra for it. And you can't refuse to buy it either.
In the end, it's also about that app that suits you, and not only about what suits the surroundings. There's a lot more you need to take into account, that's why it's highly advisable to also read a few reviews about the apps you may have to test.

In conclusion

Even with all this information, you'll have to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of certain apps. It may sound like something overkill, but don't approach the subject light-headed. After all, you'll have to pay for it, and the prices are often pretty high considering you may not even use the app ever again.
You can consider buying the app that will suit many places at once so that your future trip would be as successful. This way, you'll make sure you won't waste it on just one vacation, and save money t the same time. All things considered, it's up to you to figure out what suits the current situation best.
That's the end of it. But if you want to know more about online dating specifically, feel free to check out the video below:

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