Brazilian Women Dating Advice

Dating Brazilian women is incredible. They have outstanding personalities and are so gorgeous. With those looks comes an entirely new dating experience. They are unlike other girls you may have dated in the past so it’s important that you brush up on some Brazilian dating etiquette. Here’s what you need to know. 

Keep Dates Simple

Rather than planning fancy dinner dates or buying tickets to a show in town, set up a date at a club, bar or one of the many beautiful beaches in Brazil. For some reason, Brazilian women love a casual setting where they can just relax, have fun and maybe have a few drinks. Although you shouldn’t splurge on anything expensive, be a gentleman and pay for any food or drinks. 

Make a Move

Yeah, you read right. The best piece of Brazilian women dating advice you will ever hear is make a move early into the date. After the two of you have had a chance to talk, go in for a kiss. When you do this, throw a little charisma into the way you go about it. Give her a warm smile before you go in, compliment her and slowly lean in for a kiss. 

Don’t Try to Impress, Just Enjoy

Although confidence and looking good is important, just have fun when the date begins. Set your nerves aside, say what is on your mind and go with the flow. Brazilian culture is very down to earth and relaxed so that is the vibe they are drawn to. When you do settle down and go with the flow, you will really get to know her and vice versa. 

Don’t Tease Her

You know how you can give other women a playfully hard time and it helps build attraction? Well, that doesn’t work in Brazilian women dating. You may actually offend so lead with a friendly attitude instead. Brazilian women are very receptive and attracted to friendly men who just want to get to know them. The last thing you want is a gorgeous woman putting you in your place (they will if they feel disrespected). 

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